How to support

Note that there are changes underway which will dramatically change the way our ministry is funded.  In the future, it is likely that we will be raising support to cover our operating budget (things like travel, cell phone, auto insurance, office supplies, meeting expenses).  Until those changes are made clear, we encourage you to continue to faithfully support the Offering for Global Missions and directly support our Ministry or Projects.  

As Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Global Field Personnel our ministry, including salary and budget needs, is fully funded through gifts to CBF's Offering for Global Missions.

Our ministry focuses broadly on the following life-changing ministries:  Poverty and Transformational Development; Church Starting and Faith Sharing; Education; Justice and Peacemaking; Economic Development; and Healthcare.  Each of our projects is related to at least one missional emphasis.  If you want to support a specific ministry focus, the best way to do that is to contribute to a project which speaks to your passion about loving mercy and doing justice.  You can learn how to give to support our ministry here.  The list below includes our project number and description.
Health Ministry Seminar

Project #89751 - Roma Ministry Support.  This project is used to support church-related ministry by providing direct ministry support (buying Bibles, sponsoring ministry training, and providing strategic support designed to maximize impact) to one of several local ministry partners in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Church Starting and Faith Sharing; Justice and Peacemaking

Delivering food aid
Project #89754 - Roma Hunger & Health.  Partnering with local churches, community centers, schools and community-based social workers, this project's dual goals are to alleviate poverty and to provide relevant, easily accessible health training.  Breaking the cycle of poverty through providing scholarships to deserving students seeking to complete their education is another focus of these funds.  Additionally, this project funds an economic development ministry centering around three communities in eastern Slovakia.  Poverty and Transformational Development; Education; Economic Development; Healthcare; Justice and Peacemaking

Project #89757 - Samuel Preschool.  Focusing on one community in north-central Slovakia, the Samuel Preschool project emerged after a multiple year partnership in the community and numerous conversations with the Roma about their most pressing need.  This project is our most ambitious undertaking and will involve an eight-year commitment for establishing the preschool and hygiene center.  Designed to become self-supporting, our local partners have already established a local non-profit and are eagerly looking forward to transforming the very difficult situation in their community.  In addition to your much-needed financial support, your prayers for God to bless this undertaking are welcomed!  Poverty and Transformational Development; Education; Healthcare