25 April 2017

Quiver Method and Stump Speech

Each time we have returned to the US for what used to be called Off Field Assignment (OFA), currently referred to as Partnership Development Activities (PDA), but still called Furlough by most people we encounter, we find that we end up speaking around a common theme at each stop.  This does not mean that we have only one thing to say.  However, without a specific request for a topic which we are always glad to oblige, we go in knowing more or less what we will say.
Sharing stories at Howard Payne University, Brownwood, TX
When short-term mission teams are preparing to come to us, we emphasize the Quiver Method of preparation.  This has nothing to do with the number of children you have - that's called Quiverfull.  What we encourage is that groups prepare a variety of instant-ready activities, stories, games, lessons that can be pulled out of the quiver and done.  Even if not used, the preparation is a team-building exercise and the lesson can be used in the future by the team as well.  Similarly, we approach sharing in churches and with mission groups in the same way.  With a quiver filled with stories, Scriptural lessons, and illustrations from ministry we hope to be able to share something appropriate in any setting.

Below is a link to the text from Shane's sermon at Pulaski Heights Baptist Church in Little Rock, AR delivered last fall.  It's a bit too long to post the full text in a blog entry.  In many ways, it reflects the quiver method of incorporating stories into the larger theme of the lesson.  It is also highly contextual to the time it was delivered.  I post it with many thanks to Joy McClellan from Pulaski Heights for transcribing the extemporaneous message.

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