21 April 2017

Along the Way

Being in the United States and sharing with folks about what God has taught us and is doing in and through our ministry was a joy.  It was tiring, but a joy!  Below is an entirely too-long list of the places we shared.  If we missed you while we were in the US, it was not because we were sitting in an office . . . we were out looking for you!    

10 October 2016   Arrived in Dallas, TX
13/14 October 2016   PM/AM - CBF of Alabama Fall Gathering, Riverchase Baptist, Birmingham, AL
15/16 October 2016   Vestavia Hills Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL (Missions committee meeting on 15th, Adult Sunday School, Mission Moment in worship, lunch with group coming to SK in 2017)
16 October 2016   PM – Cole’s House Church, Bessemer, AL
19 October 2016   PM - Mt Roberts Baptist Church, Campbellsville, KY
21 October 2016    PM – CBF Heartland Phillips Roast, Langford installation, Breakout Session During Meeting, FBC-Jefferson City, MO
23 October 2016   AM – Holmeswood Baptist Church (Mission Moment in worship, Sunday School)
23 October 2016   PM – Dinner meeting with Roma Road Mission Trip alumni, Liberty, MO
30 October 2016   AM – Second Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR (2 Sunday School Classes, Mission Moment in Worship)
2 November 2016   PM – Highland Hills Baptist Church, Macon, GA
6 November 2016   AM – North Broad Baptist Church, Rome, GA (Sunday School, Mission Moment in Worship)
9 November 2016   PM – Central Baptist Church, Newnan, GA (Shane only)
12/13 November 2016   FBC-Warm Springs, GA (Shane only. Youth event on Saturday evening, 2 services plus children’s Sunday School on Sunday)
20 November 2016   AM – Pulaski Heights Baptist Church (Sunday School, Worship)
27 November 2016   PM – First Christian Church, Nashville, AR
30 November 2016   PM – First Baptist Church, Jonesboro – presentation along with Ray Higgins and Pat Griffen (CBF of AR)
2 December 2016    PM – Missions Dinner sponsored by CBF of Arkansas at Pulaski Heights Baptist, Little Rock, AR
4 December 2016   AM & PM – University Heights Baptist Church, Springfield, MO – Lighting Advent Candle/Children’s Sermon, Annual Mission Banquet Speakers
11 December 2016   AM – Rena Road Baptist Church, Van Burren, AR (Dianne only)
18 December 2016   AM – Third Baptist Church, St Louis, MO (Mission Moment in worship, Mission Banquet speakers after church)
3 January 2017   AM – senior adult group’s speakers, Trinity Baptist Church, Benton, AR
8 January 2017   PM – Trinity Baptist Church, Benton, AR
15 January 2017   AM – Faith Sunday School Class, Pulaski Heights Baptist, Little Rock, AR (Di only)
15 January 2017   PM – FSBC-Magnet Cove, Malvern, AR
22 January 2017   AM/PM – FBC-Athens, GA (events all weekend, included AM service)
25 January 2017   PM – FBC-Summerton, SC
29 January 2017   AM – Plum Bayou Baptist Church, Wright, AR
8 February 2017   AM – Women on Mission’s group, FBC-Baytown, TX
10 February 2017   PM – CBF of AR Coordinating Council Meeting, Second Baptist, Little Rock, AR
12 February 2017   AM – New Millennium Church, Little Rock, AR (Di preaching)
19 February 2017   PM – St Martin Baptist Fellowship, Gulfport, MS
1 March 2017   PM - Providence Baptist Church, Cookeville, TN
4 March 2017   AM - MACBF Meeting at Heritage Baptist Church, Annapolis, MD
5 March 2017   AM -  Kensington Baptist Church, Kensington, MD
8 March 2017   BWA UN Reps meeting, Falls Church, VA
12 March 2017   AM - Fairfax Baptist Church, Fairfax, VA
26 March 2017   AM - First Baptist Church – Brownwood, TX
26 March  2017  PM - FBC-Mullin, TX
27 March 2017   HPU Human Rights Class with Professor Lorianna Kelly, HPU International Missions Practicum with Dr. Melody Maxwell, HPU Baptist Student Ministry drop-in
28 March 2017   Adult on Mission Group (met at Southside Baptist Church, Brownwood, TX)
29 March 2017   HPU Models for Cross Cultural Missions class with Dr Melody Maxwell, HPU Chapel Speaker, two children’s classes and youth group, First Baptist Church-Brownwood, TX
31 March 2017  CBF of Arkansas Annual Meeting (just had to show up, stand up), Second Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR
2 April 2017   AM - Calvary Baptist Church – Lexington, KY, sermon time during early worship service, spoke with children during part of Sunday School time, shared greetings and read Scripture during 11:00 AM worship
3 April 2017   Contextual Ministry class and then Spiritual Formations class with Dr Rick Landon, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky
4 April 2017  morning and evening Women on Mission Groups at Central Baptist Church, Lexington, KY
9 April 2017 Shared in Sunday School class at Calvary Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR while Dianne shared in Sunday School class at Pulaski Heights Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR
16 April 2017 - We were back in Slovakia and attended Easter services at Baptist Church in Presov, Slovakia!