30 December 2016

Connected to the world

"We do not have much we can give."

"Now that we are only receiving retirement income, it is not easy to give a lot."

"I hope this little bit helps."

Just over a month ago we began inviting people to consider how God might be leading them to support our ministry among the Roma in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.  The response has been incredible.  Because the amounts which come in through the mail must be added to the site manually, the count on our online giving page does not tell the full story.  Each gift, joyfully given in response to God's leading, is a blessing.

When speaking with one regular donor about how her gifts should be given in the future, she lamented that the $15 per month she sends "is not much, but it is all I can afford."  Do you know what $15 a month can do?  It keeps us connected with the world!  $15 a month pays for the international online calling plan we have which allows us to communicate with short-term mission teams preparing to come to serve with us, to join in video calls with churches and Sunday School classes to supplement their mission's emphasis, to keep in contact with our family.  This is a precious gift, indeed.  Additionally, since the calling plan is not that expensive, it pays for a tank of gas so that we can drive to ministry sites!

If God is leading you to support our ministry, each gift is important.  Some of you are able to give one-time gifts and for those we are thankful.*  Some are able to commit to support us monthly - $15 or   $50 or  $100 per month.  Monthly, automatic contributions are an easy way for you to answer God's call to support this ministry.  Each of these monthly gifts are significant and we are very thankful.

*A note about one time gifts.  To reflect our desire for long-time service in Slovakia, we budget one-time gifts over a three-year period.