05 June 2016

Partnership for Global Mission: CBFHeartland

Last week we hosted another "last trip" with our friends from CBFHeartland.  The Roma Road partnership began in 2010 with then-named CBF Missouri was to last for only three years.  Thanks be to God that timing is not always everything!

The initial vision trip from CBF Missouri in 2010 was an opportunity for them to see how we organized our ministry and could utilize short-term ministry teams.  Short-term teams have provided an important and significant boost to the ministries of our local partners.  CBFMissouri/Heartland connected with partners in Kežmarok, Lučenec, Košice, Cinobaňa, and Važec.  Their teams have drawn together various churches from across CBFHeartland.  They have included participants from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, and now two wonderful guys from Romania!

The importance of long-term commitment can be seen in the eyes of students in Važec who know Harold and Gwen Phillips by name because they have been on multiple short-term ministry teams.  It can be seen under the roof of a pavilion in Cinobaňa that CBFHeartland sponsored.  It can be heard in the improved English of students in schools in Lučenec, Cinobaňa, and Važec where their teams have served. And it can be felt in the warm embrace of the group of moms and retirees in Važec who eagerly await CBFHeartland's next "last trip."

Thank you CBFHeartland for your commitment to Global Missions - both in your tireless support for the Offering for Global Missions, for a three-year Roma Road partnership, and for sending one more "last" team to Slovakia.