23 May 2016

McNary Newsletter - May 2016

Plans for late fall/winter
   In early October, we will be returning to the United States for what CBF calls Off Field Assignment.  Dianne has already arranged for us to share at a few churches.  We look forward to having a very full calendar.  And you can help us with that.  If your church, mission group, or Sunday School would like to hear from us, contact Dianne (dmcnary@cbf.net).  We are always excited to share about our ministry in general, about CBF Global Missions, cross-cultural missions, or help your church as you discover how to engage in mission where you live, we would love to opportunity to serve.  We will be in the U.S. through March 2017.
   We are finalizing our options for housing and transportation.  We will likely be based in Arkansas and will travel throughout the U.S. as we have done in the past.  We do not yet have an automobile.  If you can help with this, please let us know.

A Word for Translation
   At a board meeting of Word for the World-Slovakia, the Slovak organization that holds the copyright for the Eastern Slovak dialect of Romani language Scriptures, I was able to hear the testimony of some of the translators.  So far, the New Testament is completed and available.  Currently the Old Testament is being translated.  What these three men shared was an incredible testimony of the power of the Scriptures to touch the heart through one’s heart-language.
   “The more I work on this, the more I realize what a beautiful language we have and how God’s word is understood in our language.  I can experience God’s word deeper in my own language.  It is a blessing.” Translator 1.
   Translator 2 added, “I learned more about my own language in this process, in the reading of God’s word.  Even non-Christians are asking and waiting on when the translation will be done.  For my family, to be active in God’s word every day is having a big influence on my faith and on my family.”
   “When I read to Roma in Romanes, you can see how God’s touch falls on them.  (This translation) speaks to them deeper.  Once they learn a new word, you can see how much more of God’s word than they knew (from when the translation is) in Slovak.”  Translator 3
   “When I read (the Bible) in Romanes, the Slovak I grew up with suddenly was not only more understandable, it was not sufficient.” Translator 1
   It was encouraging to hear the testimony of these three men as they reflected on the incredible work they are doing. 
   Pray for these three as they continue the translation process.  Also pray for a project being done by the Slovak Bible Society which will offer a parallel translation of Slovak and East Slovak Romani New Testament.

Howdy, Texas!
   Texas Christian Life Commission’s Hunger Offering (encouraged to be collected each 5th Sunday in a month and also a special Mother’s Day Offering) continues to provide important financial support for our ministry.  We are thankful for you and your gifts in support of the TXCLC Hunger Offering.  For more, see: http://hungeroffering.org/