07 April 2016

Report from Urban CHE Conference

Dianne presenting at Urban CHE conference in Paris
(The head covering was part of the presentation)
Yesterday, 6 April 2016, the Urban Wholistic Community Development conference began in Paris, France. Sitting around the room are men and women from 11 different countries listening to discussions in French and English. We are involved in various ministries in various contexts around the world, but particularly in Europe.  We have gathered with a similar goal:  how to transform our communities with the love of Christ.

All the attendees are searching for ways to minister in their context or looking for a new ministry focus after being forced from our previous work. We are here to learn from the each other and share our challenges and our joys.

The emphasis of the conference is on looking at how CHE can transform neighborhoods, urban centers and large cities, and to provide an opportunity for networking. 

How do you get to know your neighbor? How do you reach your neighbor? How do change a neighborhood? Urban areas are growing rapidly. Building community in an urban context is a real challenge. It takes time to build relationships and gain trust ... bit by bit it will happen. 

Where do you begin?  Join in where God is already at work.  This requires an awareness of your context and spiritual sensitivity. Be open to opportunities and be willing to cooperate.  This requires a commitment to openness and desire to form beloved community where you serve.