22 January 2016

They have a building!

It is a fixer-upper

   After what seemed to be forever our local partner in Vazec, Jekh Drom, has purchased a building!  They heard of a suitable building which was going to be auctioned in mid-December.  They were the successful bidders.  It was a joy to be able to share this news with several of you already.  The location is familiar to anyone who has served in Vazec.  It is just down the one-way street from the Culture Center where we have conducted camps for the past several years. 
View from home towards back of Culture Center

   I am still reflecting on the process of how the home was purchased – from when we sought financial support from US donors to the frustration of entrusting the purchase decision to our local Slovak partners.  Without a strong commitment to local leadership, the temptation to step in and force a decision would have had negative consequences for the relationships we have nurtured over the years.  I am thankful for the patience of those who have given and prayed and asked repeatedly about the status of the purchase.  I am also thankful for the faithfulness of our local partners in diligently seeking an appropriate property for the best price. 
      When I visited the home, I was struck by the symbolism of the impressive key in an open door.  It is our prayer that the opportunities for transformational ministry this building represents will open doors for a better life for the Roma, for all the people, of Vazec, Slovakia.  Thanks be to God!