22 January 2014

January 2014 Newsletter

Samuel Project
    As we get ready for the four short-term teams who are headed to Slovakia this year (see story below), we are excited to be able to connect them with the Samuel Project.  In partnership with a locally-organized and locally-staffed non-profit the Samuel Project focuses on providing early childhood education and hygiene facilities to a small but very impoverished Roma community in north-central Slovakia.
What price for a chance at a better life?

   A number of you have already stepped up and have begun to financially support the Samuel Project; but we need more of you to partner with us in this ministry.  Is $50 per month something you or your Sunday School class could commit to providing for the next three years?  Perhaps you could provide a one-time gift of $250 or $500.  Anything you are able to do at this critical development stage of the project will have an incredible impact. 

Word for the World – Slovakia
   Shane is serving on the board of a local non-profit which is translating the Scriptures into a dialect of Roma language spoken by many in Slovakia. We have asked you before to pray for Pierre van Vuuren and the translation project.  The project has been underway for many years, and the New Testament is now completed. 
   Keith Holmes, our CBF colleague who lives in the Netherlands recently visited Slovakia as he prepares to come and record the New Testament of this new translation.  He had a wonderful time with the local team involved in the translation and also meeting many of the people who will serve as voice actors for the audio recording.
   Pray for the translation team as they begin work on the Old Testament; for funding for the completion of the translation and printing of the finished product; for Keith and the team who will be recording the audio version of the New Testament beginning in February. 
   Send me an email at smcnary@thefellowship.info if you or your church or mission group is interested in helping fund this translation project.

International Advocacy
   Last November, I, Shane attended the 6th Session of the UN’s Forum on Minority Issues in Geneva, Switzerland. I represented Baptist World Alliance (BWA) as well as CBF.  I will be returning to Geneva in early February again to represent BWA/CBF at a meeting focusing on the human rights situation in Eritrea. 
   Eritrea is located on the Red Sea neighboring Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti.  The situation for most all of Eritrea’s more than six million citizens is serious; the situation for Christians is too often life-threatening.  Pray for Eritrea and the Christians who suffer severe persecution including torture and imprisonment.  Pray for CBF Global Field Personnel Shelah and Jade Acker whose ministry in Uganda includes many refugees from Eritrea.  Pray for the process of advocacy on an international level to help shed light on the dire situation and that justice and peace will reign. 

Short-term Teams: Cross-cultural Servants
   In our previous newsletter we mentioned the costs and impact of short-term teams.  We are thrilled to have a wonderful, diverse group of churches and groups who have committed to coming to Slovakia to be the presence of Christ among the Roma during 2014. 
Dianne with former (and future!) participants from CBF Heartland

   With this newsletter we want to share about the upcoming teams we have scheduled and to ask for you to pray for them as they prepare to come and be the presence of Christ among the Roma in Slovakia.
Howard Payne University (TX) – mid-May.
Vestavia Hills Baptist Church (AL) – end of May through first full week of June. 
First Baptist Church – Athens (GA) – mid June.
CBF-Heartland (MO and KS churches) – July
Together for Hope (AR) leadership - August
   Already three churches have expressed interest about coming in 2015 . . . if God is calling you to be the presence of Christ in Slovakia or the Czech Republic among the Romany people in partnership with local believers, now is the time for you to sign up!

McNary Family Update
   Dianne and Shane have readjusted well to life back in Slovakia.  It is amazing how much of the language we retained after being away for a full year.  Also amazing how much we forgot!  Allie’s second year at Mercer University continues as she faces the challenges of a demanding schedule.  Taylor has been busy in Arkansas working and enlisting in the US Navy.  His basic training will begin in July followed by additional training for a job in the Navy nuclear program. 
   Sweety, our miniature poodle, was brought back here when the kids came to visit for the holidays.  Though it was difficult seeing Allie and Taylor leave, it was wonderful having the whole family together again for Christmas and New Year’s in Slovakia.

   Partnering with long-term missionaries in ministry includes educating yourself and your church about the people group – their cultures, their life situations, and the gifts God has given to them as a people.
   Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Romany Team will produce a 7-day prayer guide again this year to educate others about the Roma and encourage you to pray for specific ministries.  The material is produced to coincide with International Roma Day which is 8 April.
   If you or your church is interested in having this undated resource emailed to you when it is completed, let us know and we’ll send you the document in Word and PDF format. 

McNary Projects - Make sure to include a note indicating MCNARY PROJECT along with the project number in your description as well. 
SK/CZ Roma Mission Support (Project #89751)
Roma Health & Hunger (Project #89754)
Samuel Project (Project #89757)
Mail checks to: CBF, PO Box 101699, Atlanta GA  30392 or give online at The Fellowship (you will need to enter a project number).  It is also possible for you to set up a recurring gift.

Shane & Dianne McNary                                                                                                                   January 2014