02 January 2014

Collection of stories

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is emphasizing stories about ministry with Romany in its Fellowship! news magazine and on its blog.  The first story, from Fellowship! focuses on the ministry of our colleagues in Kosice, Tanya and Jon Parks.

Fellowship! December/January issue.  The story begins on page 16.

The next story from the CBF Blog is something I wrote offering a very brief overview of the history of the Romany people entitled Multiculturality.

And though I suspect it is not a coordinated effort, it was interesting also to see a report from NPR on the Roma, specifically the use of the word "gypped" and the history of its meaning, entitled Why Being 'Gypped' Hurts The Roma More Than It Hurts You.

You will note that the NPR story uses Romani, with an 'i', instead of with a 'y' as you see on most posts on this blog and in CBF materials.  We, that is the CBF Romany Team, intentionally chose to use the 'y' ending in an attempt to reduce confusion among our constituents with Romania.  Either ending, 'y' or 'i', is acceptable.