18 November 2013

Story from Fuller Seminary

While on Off Field Assignment, I, Shane spent most of my time in Pasadena, California studying.  I am working on a ThM in Intercultural Studies.  Beyond the required core classes in missiology which are required of every ThM and PhD student, I was able to pick and choose classes from within the School of Intercultural Studies.  I am nearly completed with the required classes and will turn my attention to writing my thesis in December.  The plan right now is to graduate next June.

At Fuller, I was introduced through a close friend to Fuller's story-tellers.  This amazingly talented group of people seek to capture what God is doing in and through Fuller's students as a way of communicating Fuller Seminary's important place in theological/missiological education.  The link below will take you to the story they did on my and our ministry with the Roma in Slovakia.

Fuller Seminary