17 April 2013

On Charging

Dianne and I were asked to give the charge to the many ETBU students headed out on summer missions at chapel yesterday.  I remember well what it is like to sit through required chapels.  Towards the end of the semester, most of the attendees are folks who have missed so many chapel services earlier in the semester that they don't have any skips left.  Combine that with how late-semester chapels are loaded with specialized themes: summer missions commissioning, honors student-led chapel, student preaching award chapel.  I felt their pain even as we stepped up to give the charge.

When considering what was most important to say as these young women and men were preparing to leave to places around the world, we drew from Christ's prayer for His disciples from John 17.  We didn't read the whole part, but focused on verses 20-24.  We filled our ten minutes of the program by emphasizing Unity - with God and with those they will serve; and Glory - which comes through suffering.  It was a wonderful opportunity to share with others about themes which we have experienced in our ministry.

Join us in praying for the students from ETBU who will serve across Texas, the United States and around the globe.