07 September 2012

Personal Update

This past summer was a busy for the McNarys filled with many major life events. 
  • Taylor and Allie graduated from high school in June and began college at Mercer University in Macon, GA on 13 August.
  • Shane and Dianne welcomed the Parks family to Kosice in early July and helped them settle into their new home.
  • Shane began his on-campus studies at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA on 30 July.
  • Dianne (along with help from the Parks) hosted the CBF of MO mission group for a week of work in the Kosice area.  They painted classrooms at a Roma school in Kosice and provided Bible and sports activities in Kecerovce, SK (about 20 minutes outside of Kosice)
  • After the CBF of MO team left, Dianne moving out of our house and storing the last of our belongings before heading back to the states with Sweety, our dog. 
  • Dianne settled Allie and Taylor into residence halls at Mercer University.
I think that was enough.  J 

People keep asking, “Where will you live during your year of OFA (furlough)?”  That’s a hard question to answer.  Part of the time, we will be in California.  But we will also be spending time in Arkansas and Texas.  Our upcoming year involves a lot of traveling and adjusting to new environments and to US culture.  We are all already experiencing some reverse culture shock. 

I have already had the privilege of speaking at two churches since I arrived in back in the states.  While I helped Taylor and Allie move into the dorms at Mercer, I took the opportunity to contact area churches.  Many thanks to Frank Broome, CBF of GA coordinator, who assisted me and gave me a place to stay. 

On Wednesday, 15 August, I traveled to Warm Springs, GA to share about work among the Romany.  Bob Patterson, pastor of FBC-Warm Springs, invited me to come early for a tour of the town.  What a pleasure!  Bob gives a great tour and shared a great history lesson about FDR and the history of Warm Springs.  Bob also shared his love for his church family and pride in their concern and ministry to their community.  I learned about soccer leagues, food pantries, and counseling services and the desire to do more for and with the community.  In the evening, I was able to share a hot meal with members, pray with a ladies’ prayer group, meet the children’s missions classes (who had studied about our work in SK/CZ two years ago) and speak with the youth and adults.  What a full day and such a blessing to me. 

Sunday, 19 August, found me at Haddock Baptist Church in Haddock, GA located about 30 minutes outside of Macon.  Again, I was warmly welcomed as I shared with the adult SS classes.  Everyone was interested and had so many questions.  I had so much I wanted to share and only so much time.  Hopefully, I was able to stir interest about ministry among the Roma.  Ron McClung and his wife Sharon graciously invited me to their home for lunch.  The McClungs previously served as missionaries in Ecuador. It was a pleasure to get to know them and share common interests.