03 July 2012

Peter and Jozef go to school

   Education is a way out of poverty.  Jobs must be available, and right now unemployment in Slovakia is just over 13%.  But to be eligible for a job that pays a living wage, you need an education.  Our Roma Health and Hunger project (#89754) not only provides emergency food aid, it also provides scholarships to students so that they can gain the job skills necessary for gainful employment, thus breaking the cycle of poverty. 
   In the past year, we’ve helped seven individual students start school or a training course, stay in school, or complete their education.  The cost of providing the fees for text books was not a huge investment, but it was vital to keep one student in school when she could not afford the books.  Four students we’ve been supporting completed their studies this year.  We praise the Lord for the opportunity to come alongside and help transform the lives of these Roma students.
   We have two more students we have committed to assist for the 2012-2013 school year.  Peter is a gifted student who was encouraged by his teachers to continue his education.  He completed his required basic education (8th grade) and has been accepted to attend middle school (in the US system, we would call it High School).  The extra expenses (travel from home to school, meals, text books, required school trips, and other required fees) are too much for his family.  Without this promised help, Peter would be unable to attend school.  The cost for the 10-month school year averages $55 per month.  Can you help Peter go to school?
   Jozef has been accepted to study social work in Kosice.  Without the scholarship which will pay for his tuition and fees, Jozef would be unable to attend.  Can you help sponsor Jozef at $75 per month so he can gain the skills to find employment?
  If you can answer “YES” for one or both of these young men, send your contribution to McNary Roma Health & Hunger (Project #89754) to ensure that they will have the opportunity to study.