11 April 2012

Peter's Going to School

The opportunity to continue education past basic school for Roma of Slovakia is sometimes complicated by the financial costs involved.  There are financial incentives for getting good grades, but families must first pay for the travel, food, and school fees before any rewards are received.  Even gifted students from smaller communities have to consider whether it is worth it to travel to another city to study when there are so many uncertainties.

We had spoken to Kate about helping her go back to school so she could earn a trade certificate in order to get a job.  After thinking about it for a while, she came back with a request:  she felt it would be a waste to help her, but she knew Peter and thought he would be a better investment.  So we all went together to Peter's home to speak with him and his parents about the possibility of helping him by removing some of the uncertainties.  Peter had good grades, was encouraged by his teachers to apply to a school in the nearby larger town, and had very supportive, proud parents.  What he lacked was the assurance that if he was accepted, he would be able to pay the fees and other costs to attend school.  His father was recently laid off and things were tight.  We decided together that it would be possible for us to assist Peter so that he could get an education.  But he had to first apply and be accepted.

We got word today that Peter was accepted at the school and will start attending this Fall!

Pray for Peter as he begins a journey towards a better life by completing his education.
Pray for Kate, whose sensitivity to those around her resulted in us being introduced to Peter.
Pray for continued financial support for our Roma Hunger and Health Project which finances this small scholarship.