28 January 2012


I heard about the movie Cigan from friends who did a news report on it when it premiered in 2011. We bought the DVD and were surprised that we knew so many of the actors in the film including a few from a school we work with in Kezmarok.  But the biggest surprise came when I couldn't place where I knew the woman who played the part of the mother.  I just knew I knew her though!

Fast forward to this past Wednesday night and the first meeting of the new fellowship which is being formed in Detva.  When I walked in, I saw Martina.  Her sister Olinka is one of the leaders of the fellowship in Cinobana.  Martina and her children had attended the Roma camp which is where I had met them.  I recognized Martina as the actress from the film.  I laughed with Olinka about whether I should ask for Martina's autograph!

The film is Slovakia's submission to try to win an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.