16 December 2011

David’s year of firsts at IBTS

   The International Baptist Theological Seminary (IBTS) in Prague, CZ has been a key partner for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.  It is suggested that the effort to save the European seminary during very difficult days of the early 1990’s helped give birth to the CBF movement.  Many of you traveled to Prague to help renovate the old buildings which for now are home to IBTS.  For a few years now, Shane has represented CBF on the Board of Trustees of IBTS. 
David and his pastor Ben
   One of the opportunities for study at IBTS is the Certificate of Applied Theology (CAT) program.  This year-long course is designed to introduce Baptist students from across the European Baptist Federation to theological study.  It is used as a stepping stone for further study or to prepare ministers for service in their local church. 
   In 2010 when we assisted the Banska Bystrica Baptist Church with a Roma camp in Zavadka nad Hronom, we had the joy of meeting David.  A leader in the Zavadka fellowship, David’s desire was to serve even more so that his people, the Roma, would come to know and follow Christ.
   In conversations with David and his pastor, Benjamin, I encouraged David to consider the CAT program at IBTS.  We praise the Lord that as of this past Fall, David has become the first Roma person and the first Slovak to study in the CAT program. 
   Thanks to your gifts of support for our Roma Hunger and Health Project, we are able to provide funding to cover David’s meals while he studies in Prague.  Praise the Lord for this incredible opportunity and praise God again for IBTS.