11 December 2011

CBF of MO/AR trip

   CBF of Missouri is in a multi-year partnership focusing on ministry with Roma.  Part of what they have committed to is to support the Gypsy Smith training school in BucharestRomania.  In Slovakia, they have adopted several projects.  One of those projects was to complete the renovation work at the Cinobana ministry center.  You will remember that this work was begun by CBF of AR which provided for more than half of the work.  The final pieces of the work were provided by CBF of MO.
   A short-term ministry team came to Cinobana in late September to complete a pavilion in the back yard of the ministry center.  Additionally, part of the team taught English in the local school, conducted children’s activities, and hosted a women’s cooking night and Bible study.  We even helped out at the Lucenec Baptist Church which was being prepped for painting.  We wrapped up the very busy week with an “All American” cookout of hamburgers, baked beans, and potato salad.
   It was a spectacular week!  We were able to say goodbye to a group of people from Cinobana who are going to England to work for several months and encourage those who remain.  Praise the Lord for the great work of this visiting team, for their safety in travels, and for their wonderful Spirit.