06 July 2011


The ministry this week in Vazec grows out of relationships built over the past year within the community via two very special social workers.  The lead social worker, Riso, has since left his job because of the stress.  Danka continues to work to meet the needs of the poor – the Roma, retirees, and others – of Vazec.  Just today people were lined up dozens deep to receive flour and pasta – food aid for the poor provided by the Slovak government and the European Union. 

For the last year, your support of our Roma Hunger and Health project has provided lunches for school children and necessary medicines or transportation to get medical care.  The impact has been significant.  The relationships with Riso and Danka are not a mere formality, but a friendly channel of blessing for us and them.

When I called the older children to pray a prayer of thanks for the refreshments we were to receive, they stood and recited a prayer while crossing themselves – a practice they learned through the religious (Catholic) education at public school and through the work of the local Catholic youth training center.  The mumbled formality of the prayer was a stark contrast to the free prayers the Roma Road Team shares each night for one another and for these children.

As you pray for the children of Vazec, ask that God would reveal Godself to them in a personal way; so that when they pray, it is more than a mere formality, but reflects a vibrant relationship.