16 July 2011

A New Work

Radek - a future leader

The Roma Road team’s final week of camp was conducted with the Maranatha Church from Decin, CZ.  Nineteen campers, about a dozen helpers and the Roma Road team utilized a church’s camp house near Nacetin, CZ.  Though packed in tight quarters – a kitchen built for two, one toilet, one shower - we had a great week of camp.
Shane, Marek & Dusan

Campers and staff
The two things which stood out as most meaningful were first, the way the Czech and American team worked together.  The complimentary relationship between the Roma Road-led spiritual program and the afternoon activities of the Czechs came together during each evening’s worship experience – worship music mostly in Czech with an American sharing their testimony.  The second meaningful event was how the camp was a clear blessing for the children.  Children and leaders who were dealing with broken homes, problems with drugs and/or violence, or who were struggling to find their place in this world found a sanctuary in each other’s presence.  Praise God for the seven who stepped out in faith for the first time to make a commitment to follow Christ!