12 June 2011

Precious Stones

The youth group from Vestavia Hills Baptist Church were recently in Litomerice, the Czech Republic.  The twenty-two-strong team created more than waves during their week of ministry, they torn down walls, built relationships, and cracked stereotypes while having a wonderful time.

The week began with a quick visit to Prague to see the beautiful Prague Castle.  While the music from police orchestras from around the world echoed around the palace square, the team got their first glimpse into the history and beauty which is the Czech Republic.

The team was split into three groups to tackle the mountain of work.  From teaching English as a Foreign Language, conducting a Children’s Day Event, demolishing part of an old building to begin reconstruction efforts, daily activities with the Oasis Children’s Club, and multiple presentations in local schools, there was little time for anyone to sit around. 

To top the week’s events off, a garden party was held where about 130 people showed up.  The Gospel was presented clearly through the loving actions of each of VHBC’s youth.  But for good measure Mike McBrayer, their leader, gave a short presentation during the garden party as well.  What an amazing group, an amazing week, and an amazing God we serve!

On the last morning, pastor Jarek from Litomerice Baptist Church shared from First Corinthians 12 about the abiding nature of a Christian’s good works.  The precious stones created through the wonderful planning, seamless execution, and loving spirit of the Vestavia Hills Baptist Church youth group will indeed last forever.

We ended the week with a couple of day’s sightseeing.  Thanks to our friend and colleague Rachel Brunclikova who helped so much with logistics during the week, the team was able to enjoy one of Europe’s jeweled cities – Prague.  Thanks Rachel!